Proper Google SEO training

How Important Is Proper Google SEO Training?

When you do a search on Google for a product that you would like to buy, or perhaps just information on a topic, websites that appear at the top of the search engine listings have achieved those top positions by utilizing search engine optimization techniques. SEO it has been around for over a decade, ever since the advent of the search engines themselves. However, the techniques that must be utilized to achieve these top positions have changed over time, becoming more complex with each passing year. In order to achieve top rankings for each of the pages on your website so that you can generate consistent traffic without having to pay for every click that you receive, you will need to find proper Google SEO training that can show you exactly how to achieve page 1, and even number one, positions on the Google search results.

What This Training Will Teach You

SEO training usually begins with an overview of how to properly optimize a website that you have created. They will begin with on-site optimization strategies, and then teach you how to do off-site optimization which is essentially building backlinks. There is no greater search engine than Google, which is why most people will learn strategies that can help both individuals and companies achieve top positions on this search engine. The training that you will receive will focus upon these two aspects of SEO, specifically because every strategy that you will learn is related to on-site and off-site optimization.

Understanding On-Site Optimization TechniquesOn Page SEO Techniques

One of the most important series of strategies that you will learn so that you can rank high on Google are on-site optimization techniques. There are four that absolutely must be implemented with every website that you built if you hope to achieve page 1 positions. Every page that you build should target a single keyword, and you should sprinkle secondary keywords and semantic keywords into each article that you write and ultimately post on each page. The four strategies that you must use include using only unique content, adding videos, adding images, and linking out to authority sites that are ranking for the same keywords that you would like to target. The search engine spiders will assess all of this information, and based upon what they find, they can rank your website as high as the first page of Google for your chosen keywords. However, to get that highly coveted number one position, this can only happen if you incorporate off-site optimization techniques.

Why Off-Site Optimization Techniques Are Necessary

If you really want to conquer Google, finding your way to the top of the search engine listings, you need to build backlinks. This is the essence of off-site optimization, and it requires you to get links from multiple Web 2.0 properties. It is also necessary to get links from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, one of the first places that the search engine spiders will go in order to find new popular content. The links that you get should use your primary keyword for each page only a handful of times. If you use this keyword every time that you build a link, this will look unnatural to the search engines. What Google is looking for is a multitude of different keywords, keyword phrases, all of which are generally related to the keyword you are targeting. By using large variations, you should have no problem at all reaching the top position on the Google search results for every keyword that you target.

Is There Actually Google SEO Training?

Almost every free and paid SEO course that is available today is going to show you how to rank on Google. Since most people use Google to find information that they need, or to find sources for products that they would like to buy, almost every course on search engine optimization is focused on conquering Google. That being said, not all courses are created equal, and you are typically better off working with a company that charges money for the information that they provide. By doing so, you can utilize strategies that are working right now, allowing you to quickly elevate all of the pages on your website to the top of the Google search engine listings.

After you have learned and implemented these strategies, you will see a noticeable change in your rankings over the next few weeks. Sometimes it can take longer, perhaps a couple of months, if you are targeting shorter keywords. Longtail keywords which are simply keyword phrases that are greater than three key words in length, are very easy to rank, especially local keywords, allowing most people to find success quickly. If your goal is to have consistent traffic from Google, it is of utmost importance that you learn the latest search engine optimization techniques that are working on Google right now. Once you have multiple pages ranked on the first page, or even in the number one position, you will start to generate more revenue for your business.