SEO For Dummies: How To Rank In Google

So what is SEO and how can you use it to get your sites to rank in Google? Well in this video I’ll explain it all to you – in plain English.

I’ll show you the simple SEO tips and techniques that I use to get all of my niche sites to rank in the top spots of Google so that I can make constant sales through various affiliate programs.

This video is part of a ‘crash course’ for new affiliate marketers that I put together which you can find here:

SEO For Beginners 2017 – How To Rank High In Google?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tutorial for beginners. In this video, you will learn all the necessary SEO techniques to rank your websites high in Google search engine. All the training is provided in a step-by-step newbie friendly way.

An ideal guide for anyone who is new to the web and doesn’t want to spend countless hours jumping from one website to another trying to find the right SEO information!

I will explain all the necessary basics by optimizing my website, and through informative slides so you can also do same at home.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization consists on the process of optimizing your websites pages so they can better rank on Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the keywords you’re targeting.

Why Should You SEO?

If you’re looking to get free, highly interested visitors to your website from the search engines then you must learn how to SEO. Besides, if you love the smell of money in the morning then there’s no better way!

What Is a Keyword?

A keyword or search phrase is anything you type in Google’s search box so you can find more information about a specific topic in the listing of relevant websites they provide.

How to Rank High On Google?

Over the years, a lot of factors have changed when it comes to SEO. Google is far more strict in the content they rank high in their search engine. Besides, you can no longer achieve good results in a matter of few months with a new website. For this reason, SEO is a long-term investment in the traffic you get to your website.

Yet, there are a few key elements that will make you succeed online, and have a website, which will stand the test of times these are:

– Always provide high-quality and relevant content
– Constantly think about user experience
– Initially, build your brand in social media networks

If you build your website around these ideas, you will most certainly make Google love your website and get their heavenly blessing of ranking well on their search engine and receiving tones of traffic.

SEO is also divided in two parts and I’ll give you tips so you can perform well on both. This includes:

On-Page SEO?

Everything you must do insides your website so you can improve its visility in the search engines, such as:

– Optimizing Meta Titles, URL extension, Image Alt, etc.

Off-Page SEO?

Everything you must do outside your website so you can achieve better results in Google, including:

– Marketing your website in social media networks, forums, blogs and much more…

Video Time-Stamp

Introduction – 0:00
What’s SEO – 0:57
Search Engine Works – 4:29
On-Page SEO changes – 7:28
Responsive Theme – 9:49
Uploading Time – 11:27
Install WP Super Cache – 15:35
Install Yoast SEO – 16:32
Optimize Homepage – 17:12
XML Sitemap – 20:47
Post Optimization – 22:38
Meta Title – 30:15
Content Optimization – 33:23
Internal Links – 36:05
External Links – 42:08
Off-Page SEO – 43:08
Social Media Networks – 46:15
Q&A Websites – 48:59
Blog Commenting – 49:35
Forums – 51:12
Social Media Sharing Buttons – 52:15
Be Patient – 54:00

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Finding a SEO Certified company near Milwaukee

The Benefits Of SEO Certification For Your Business

If you are trying to start a company that will offer search engine optimization services, it is important to build trust with visitors that arrive at your website. There are literally thousands of individuals and companies that provide SEO services for businesses, and you need to build trust with each person that arrives at your site. If you are able to do this, this could generate a substantial amount of revenue for your company as new clients will have no problem getting started with your services. To build this trust, it is important to show that you have the knowledge and experience that will help them achieve top rankings through the SEO packages that you offer. One of the easiest ways to do this is to get what is called SEO certification, and easy strategy that will improve your ability to succeed, and also build trust with your customers.

What Is SEO Certification?SEO Certified

When you are able to become a fully certified SEO provider, you will have gone through a course that is offered by a business that certifies individuals and companies as experts in search engine optimization. This will show that you are an accredited business, similar to having a degree from a university, with the exception that your certification will represent your knowledge of SEO. Many of the companies that provide this service charge a fee, and when you are done, you can actually add a logo, or even the certificate that you will earn, on your website. This will show visitors that you are a company that is highly skilled in search engine optimization by having completed an online certification course.

How To Choose A SEO Certification Company in Milwaukee

There are several different businesses in Milwaukee that offer this service, allowing you to become fully certified. It is difficult to make an initial choice because all of them have very professional websites, each teaching very similar concepts. These companies will often teach other courses as well including how to market on Facebook, and also set up PPC campaigns. They are similar to an online college with the exception that they offer courses on how to do online marketing. The company that you choose should have a reputation for providing quality information, allowing you to become very proficient in ranking websites online. This is what your customers will be looking for, a business that is fully certified to help them rank their websites, ultimately leading to more traffic and increased sales.

What Will You Get With A SEO Certification Course?SEO Certification Training

These courses will provide you with many different benefits including training manuals on the latest strategies that are working. They will offer an online exam that you must pass in order to become fully certified. You will receive a certification of completion, along with an image that will show what you have done. Most of the larger companies have a certified members database which people can access online to verify that you have indeed become fully certified. You also have access to exclusive members only areas which may include a private Facebook page. This is where you can discuss new strategies with like-minded people that have also completed this training. These companies typically provide many different services and tools that are exclusive to members that have completed the certification process. Finally, you will also have access to members of the company that will answer questions for you as they come up.

If your goal is to become a Milwaukee SEO company, one that will rank websites for your clients, it is important to become a fully certified search engine optimization expert using one of these companies. Make sure that they are reputable and that they will provide you with digital proof that you have completed the certification process. By presenting this online, you should be able to get a multitude of customers that will trust you because you have finished an online SEO certification course. Even if you have the skills necessary to rank virtually any keyword, people that know nothing about you need to have some proof of your expertise, and this is where this type of certification comes in. Contact one of these businesses today and get started toward generating more revenue with your search engine optimization company.

Why companies should learn SEO

The Advantages Of Taking SEO Training Courses

If you would like to learn how so many people are able to achieve top positions on the search engines, you will have to become an expert and search engine optimization. The other alternative is to hire a SEO agency that can do this work for you, but this can come at a hefty price. Sometimes it is better to learn how to do something before trusting an expert so that you will know what to expect. That is why so many people will take SEO training courses to understand how search engine optimization strategies work, allowing them to first try these techniques for themselves. There are many advantages to taking search engine optimization training courses, some of which we will mention in this article.

Why People Learn SEO

If you have ever started a PPC campaign on Facebook or Google, you know that this can bring a substantial amount of traffic to your website very quickly. You are targeting very specific keywords that people will be typing in, and also targeting individuals based upon demographics. The problem with pay per click campaigns is that it can become very expensive, sometimes costing as much as a few dollars for every click. It is this extra expense associated with PPC that motivates people to try to find other ways of advertising, inevitably leading them to learning how to do SEO.

The Benefits Of SEOBenefits of SEO

There are so many benefits to learning how to do search engine optimization. Many people do not fully understand how powerful these strategies actually are. For example, if you are able to achieve the number one position for a profitable keyword related to your business, you could generate thousands of visitors every month from this one page that is ranked at the top of the search engines. Those that are generating hundreds of thousands of visitors every month have hundreds of pages ranking for individual keywords, allowing them to bypass PPC advertising. This is the primary benefit of learning SEO, and once you understand which strategies work best, this will be very easy to accomplish.

Why You Should Learn SEO From Training Courses

In the same way that you would take a course on setting up PPC campaigns so that you are doing them properly, the same is true for those that are going to attempt to rank their websites using SEO. Without knowing which strategies actually work, you could end up wasting hours of your time every day implementing techniques that simply are outdated. When you take a training course on search engine optimization, they will present the best strategies that you can use. They will also provide you with a basic understanding of SEO so that every technique that is taught will make sense, allowing anyone to begin to rank their websites on page 1 of the search engine listings. This information is not only useful when doing this work on your own, but also when you are choosing a search engine optimization company to do this work for you. You will be able to easily evaluate the companies that you find, and choose one that will provide you with the best results.

How To Find These Training CoursesSEO Training Course

There are many SEO training courses that are available, some of which are extremely good. The best ones typically cost the most money because they are sharing strategies that they personally use to reach the top of the search engines, and by making this information available, they may actually be cutting into their own revenue. There are thousands of different niches that people can target, and by learning how to rank your own website quickly, you can start to generate revenue that does not come at the high cost of pay per click traffic. You can find these courses by looking at discussions on forums, social media sites, and also review websites that have actually taken the time to evaluate them. This information can quickly lead you to the best SEO training courses that are available right now, allowing you to quickly become an expert with this type of marketing.

In conclusion, the primary advantage to taking SEO training courses is that it will make you more adept at search engine optimization. You will be able to implement the strategies and start to rank your own websites, helping you to benefit from the many customers out there that will want to buy your products. It is also a good idea to learn SEO because it will help you choose a professional search engine optimization company if you would prefer letting someone else do this work for you. Once you have several pages ranked, allowing you to get thousands of free visitors every week, you will truly see the benefit of these training courses that are available for purchase right now.

Proper Google SEO training

How Important Is Proper Google SEO Training?

When you do a search on Google for a product that you would like to buy, or perhaps just information on a topic, websites that appear at the top of the search engine listings have achieved those top positions by utilizing search engine optimization techniques. SEO it has been around for over a decade, ever since the advent of the search engines themselves. However, the techniques that must be utilized to achieve these top positions have changed over time, becoming more complex with each passing year. In order to achieve top rankings for each of the pages on your website so that you can generate consistent traffic without having to pay for every click that you receive, you will need to find proper Google SEO training that can show you exactly how to achieve page 1, and even number one, positions on the Google search results.

What This Training Will Teach You

SEO training usually begins with an overview of how to properly optimize a website that you have created. They will begin with on-site optimization strategies, and then teach you how to do off-site optimization which is essentially building backlinks. There is no greater search engine than Google, which is why most people will learn strategies that can help both individuals and companies achieve top positions on this search engine. The training that you will receive will focus upon these two aspects of SEO, specifically because every strategy that you will learn is related to on-site and off-site optimization.

Understanding On-Site Optimization TechniquesOn Page SEO Techniques

One of the most important series of strategies that you will learn so that you can rank high on Google are on-site optimization techniques. There are four that absolutely must be implemented with every website that you built if you hope to achieve page 1 positions. Every page that you build should target a single keyword, and you should sprinkle secondary keywords and semantic keywords into each article that you write and ultimately post on each page. The four strategies that you must use include using only unique content, adding videos, adding images, and linking out to authority sites that are ranking for the same keywords that you would like to target. The search engine spiders will assess all of this information, and based upon what they find, they can rank your website as high as the first page of Google for your chosen keywords. However, to get that highly coveted number one position, this can only happen if you incorporate off-site optimization techniques.

Why Off-Site Optimization Techniques Are Necessary

If you really want to conquer Google, finding your way to the top of the search engine listings, you need to build backlinks. This is the essence of off-site optimization, and it requires you to get links from multiple Web 2.0 properties. It is also necessary to get links from social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, one of the first places that the search engine spiders will go in order to find new popular content. The links that you get should use your primary keyword for each page only a handful of times. If you use this keyword every time that you build a link, this will look unnatural to the search engines. What Google is looking for is a multitude of different keywords, keyword phrases, all of which are generally related to the keyword you are targeting. By using large variations, you should have no problem at all reaching the top position on the Google search results for every keyword that you target.

Is There Actually Google SEO Training?

Almost every free and paid SEO course that is available today is going to show you how to rank on Google. Since most people use Google to find information that they need, or to find sources for products that they would like to buy, almost every course on search engine optimization is focused on conquering Google. That being said, not all courses are created equal, and you are typically better off working with a company that charges money for the information that they provide. By doing so, you can utilize strategies that are working right now, allowing you to quickly elevate all of the pages on your website to the top of the Google search engine listings.

After you have learned and implemented these strategies, you will see a noticeable change in your rankings over the next few weeks. Sometimes it can take longer, perhaps a couple of months, if you are targeting shorter keywords. Longtail keywords which are simply keyword phrases that are greater than three key words in length, are very easy to rank, especially local keywords, allowing most people to find success quickly. If your goal is to have consistent traffic from Google, it is of utmost importance that you learn the latest search engine optimization techniques that are working on Google right now. Once you have multiple pages ranked on the first page, or even in the number one position, you will start to generate more revenue for your business.

SEO Training Course Guidelines

What To Look For When Choosing Free SEO Training Courses

Learning how to do search engine optimization for your website can be a difficult task. There are many strategies that must be implemented, and to learn them, you typically have to purchase products that can show you what to do. However, there are many free SEO training courses that you can take that will show you some of the latest techniques that you should be implementing today. There are many to choose from, and the following information will help you make the right choice when it comes to selecting the best search engine optimization free training courses available right now.

What You Should Know About SEO

There are several things that you should know about search engine optimization before you begin to implement the strategies. First of all, all of these techniques are designed to do one thing which is move your website, and all of the pages on that site, to the top of the search engine listings. Each page that you post should focus on one particular keyword, and by using very specific SEO techniques, you will be able to achieve top rankings for each of your pages, hopefully surpassing the positioning of your competitors. Search engine optimization has two specific components which are on-site and off-site optimization. When you are looking for the free training courses for SEO,  these are the two things to look for.

What Is On-Site SEO?

This is a set of strategies that will help you take any webpage that you have and rank it on the first page of the search engine listings. It is difficult to rank pages that are targeting keyword phrases that are three words or less, and is very easy to rank keyword phrases that are four words or longer in length. The reasoning behind this is that more people will type in short phrases than they will long ones, and therefore it is much more profitable if you can rank above your competitors for the shortest keyword phrases. You will get more traffic, however, the longtail keywords are actually going to be typed in by people searching for very specific products. These individuals tend to be buyers more than people simply looking for information. By properly optimizing your website using unique content, videos and images, and a proper linking structure on your website, it should be very easy for anyone to rank on the first page of the search engine listings for longtail keywords.

What Is Off-Site SEO?Off Page SEO Approach

This is the other half of search engine optimization which focuses upon link building. You will need to get as many backlinks as possible pointing to your website, specifically each page that you have posted. Links are regarded by the search engine algorithms as a type of vote, and the more votes that you have, the more likely it is that you will be found on the first page of the search results. These links should come from social media websites such as Facebook, and Web 2.0 properties that are related to the topics that you are discussing. By creating a link building campaign, or by hiring someone to build them for you, you can quickly rise to the top of the search engine results.

How To Choose The Best Free SEO Training Courses

In order to choose the best training courses that are for free, they should discuss all of these topics. Moreover, they should also have the latest strategies that search engine optimization experts have posted, and are willing to freely give away. They should have examples of results that they have achieved using the techniques that they will teach. Websites that have a substantial amount of proof are the ones that you will want to choose above all of the others as you will know that there strategies really do work.SEO Training Course

If you can find several free SEO training courses, you can evaluate them based upon the tips that have been presented in this article. As long as they are discussing on-site optimization, off-site optimization, and a series of successful strategies that they had recently developed, these are the courses that you will want to take. Although you will probably get more in-depth information from a paid course on search engine optimization, this is a great place to start. Once you have become proficient at optimizing your website using this free information, you may want to upgrade to a paid SEO course that can help you achieve even greater results.